How can Activity Mind Mapper help my business?

By integrating mind maps to your business you can streamline your work, save time, avoid misunderstandings and the overload of information and increased productivity

What are the benefits of brainstorming ideas?

You can present a plan of action to your colleagues with all the information in one place, the visual structure of mind maps and the way a message is conveyed, have been proven to help people memorized information and deal with challenging questions with more confidence

How can I use Activity Mind Mapper to set a plan?

You can draw connections between related tasks, see how different projects impact each other and prioritize accordingly. Create “to do” lists, plan your marketing campaign, briefs and proposals, set your future goals covering all aspects of your plan in one place, by organizing and grouping the information in a clear way, you and your team can better understand what is involved, keeping everyone on the same page

I’m a TaskTimer user, how can I keep all the relevant information in one place?

You are able to consolidate all the information by creating a Mind Map, once you have collected all the information, documents, links and files (related or not to a project) can be exported from Activity Mind Mapper to TaskTimer with just a simple click and because you are not tied up to a rigid structure you are able to change or amend existing information easily

How do I delete a topic or a link on my map?

Just highlight the topic or link by clicking only once over the line, grouping or topic and then click the delete button located on the "Clipboard"

What is the business card use for?

As a reminder or reference, either to let you know you have the Business Card details of people related to the topic or you need to obtained it

How can Activity Mind Mapper help with problem solving?

By creating a mind map you are able to explore various facets of a problem, seeing all the elements of the problem at once can help you and your team to create associations and integrations. If you feel that you are hitting the wall trying to find a solution or to have new ideas, than you should run a free Activity Mind Mapper trial

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How to Create a Mind Map

Mind Mapping is a method of jotting down a series of connected ideas to make it easier for you to collect and organize all types of information or to aid your memory to recall later

1) Start

The central idea or main topic is your starting point and is the topic you are going to explore. Introduce a name to the main topic

2) Branches

Next add branches, with the branches flowing from the main topic as the main themes, then you can explore each theme by adding child branches, you can continually add new branches without any restrictions

The ideas giving structure to your mind mapping will come easily as your brain continues to draw more associations from different concepts

3) Words

You should try to use only one word to name a sub-topic, this will help you make better associations, the use of keywords triggers connections in your brain, allowing you to remember more information

4) Color

Color coding your map links the visual with the logical, helping your brain not only to create more associations but also to categorize, highlight, analyze information and to identify more connections

5) Images

Images are process instantly by the brain and convey more information than words; they act as a visual stimulus to recall information

6) Brainstorming

Capture ideas, organize and prioritize them in a way that boosts understanding, add notes, attachments, links, icons, images, symbols and flags to enhance your concepts and ideas, check progress, prioritize, and much more by selecting from the following list:

list of icons

6.1) Use brainstorming to inspire new ways of thinking that drives you and your team to consider different approaches and solutions

Brainstorming a character

Create branches from your character’s name (main topic) and title them with a category e.g. personality, likes, dislikes, physical appearance or history to describe the character. You can use people’s names in the organization and make connections relative to particular topics to understand the flow of communication

6.2) Grouping information will provide you with an appropriate plan of action Activity Mind Mapper can be used by TT and non-TaskTimer users, single to multiple user environments

Linking topics

Linking two topics that are not in a child parent/grandparent hierarchy

Select one topic, press the relative link button and select the other topic you wish to link to

1) Select first topic

linking topics select first topic

2) Select relative link button relative link button

select relative link button

3) Select topic you wish to link to

linking topics select topic you wish to link

4) The relative link is created and can be adjusted by clicking the line then clicking and moving one of the ball anchors

linking topics adjust relative link with anchors

Delete relative link

To delete a relative link, click the grouping and press the delete button delete relative link

Topics can be grouped together, and many groups can exist in a map

1) Select the group button group topics

group topics select the group button

2) Move the mouse cursor to an empty part of the map then click and drag to highlight some topics

group topics drag to select topics

3) The grouping is created

group topics release drag after selecting topics

4) Example of three groupings

group topics multi grouping

Delete grouping

To delete a grouping, click the grouping and press the delete button delete grouping

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