Activity Mind Mapper

Activity Mind Mapper

What is Mind Mapping & why it work?

A mind map is a diagram used to visually organize information

A mind map is usually created around a single central concept within a shape such as a circle or box to which associated representations of ideas are added, such as images, words or numbers

A mind map "maps out" your thoughts using associations and connections that trigger to stimulate more ideas for you to present them into something visible and structured

What is Activity Mind Mapper?

Activity Mind Mapper is a visual thinking and data management tool that helps you to create, gather, process and manage information at individual, academic and corporate level

Activity Mind Mapping involves combining of color, images, and visual arrangement that can help to improve memory, creativity, planning and organizing

Activity Mind Mapping is a different way of taking notes, solving problems and brainstorming


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Activity Mind Mapper


Rounded Rectangle,
Oval, Octagon,
Circle, Hexagon,

Relative Links

Relative Links

Link related topics together
Topics don't have to be a sub topic to be related

Group Topics


Group more than two topics together Visual grouping

Indicators and Icons


Priority, Progress, People, Flags, Arrows, Dots, Tags, Emoticons and General Icons

Mind mapping features


Visual Thinking
Memory Mapping

Topic Properties


Shape, Font Style, Colors, Images and Icon Indicators

Formatting Notes


Formatting Styles, Different Fonts, Bullets, Numbers, Colors



Multiple file attachments
Open in their own application
Files attached when map emailed

TaskTimer Export

TT Export

Create project or sub project
Assign Responsible Person
Set Project Manager
Connect and Notify People

Mind mapping for business

How can Activity Mind Mapper help your business?
The use of visual diagrams can assist to identify the relationship between ideas and information. Helps you plan and organize your thinking before you start any project. See where your ideas relate to each other before you decide. You can bring together information from different sources and presented on a single view, so that all members of the team see the same picture. Activity Mind Mapper can be used for planning, brainstorming, presentations and for collecting, organizing and uncovering new ideas, solving problems and mapping out resources.


AMM is an excellent tool for collaborating with a group to develop plans, to implement projects and to harness the input of all members in a dynamic and creative way, you can collaborate setting a group together or by email, the email receiver can work changing or adding information as needed, you are able to send and receive the map without limitations

With AMM you can:


The key words used when mind mapping encourage clear and stimulating presentations.
Gives the presenter complete control over their presentation It has been proved that students using ‘mind map’ for their presentation are able to handle challenging questions with confidence, since they can internalize better their unique representation of the information Presenters who used visual language tend to be a lot more effective, concise, interesting, professional, credible and much better prepare.

Problem Solving

Viewing all the elements of a problem in one place, facilitates creative association and integration.

A mind map can help you:

Personal Use

Plan all areas of your life in a way that mirrors exactly how your brain works. Use Activity Mind Mapper for weekly schedule, to do list, taking notes, to explore your future plans or to expand your ideas. Use it as your personal assistant, when you are raising money for charity or a school fete, you will soon realize how easy it is when you organize and structure the information using Activity Mind Mapper.

Mind mapping encourage creative thinking, helping you to faster generate and organize ideas for your writing. The brain likes to work with associations to connect every idea, this can help you when breaking down or creating the characters by personality, likes, dislikes etc.

Academic use

Project collaboration for business and education providers.

A study done in 2003/4 found ‘mind mapping’ to be a very useful technique, helping students to plan and structure essays, projects effectively, it enable them to improve coherence, the quality of their writing and to draw value for their project managing practical work

Teachers and students

Make complex information simple and clear, show it as it should be understandable!

Students perceived mind mapping as a fun, interesting ad motivating approach to learning due to the opportunity to create with a great choice of colors, symbols, key words and freedom of design

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How to create a map with Activity Mind Mapper

The main topic is your starting point and it is what you are going to explore, to start:

You can keep adding new branches without restrictions.
The ideas giving structure to your mind map will become easily as your brain continue to draw more associations from different concepts.
Activity Mind Mapper includes a large library with images and icons to help your creativity, memory and to add value to your work.

Use colors to link the visual with the logical, this helps your brain to create more associations and to categorize, highlight, analyze information and to identify connections

Add notes, attachments, links, icons, images, symbols, pictures, and flags to enhance your concepts and ideas, check your progress and prioritize.
Using images and color keeps your creativity fired up! grouping the information provides you with an appropriate plan of action.

For a step by step information on how to create a mind map using AMM refer to ‘Help’ available in AMM free demo version